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Active Workspace 4.1 BOM Structure Edit

Solution Partner Valued Contributor Solution Partner Valued Contributor
Solution Partner Valued Contributor


I am trying to edit  BOM Structure in AWC4.1 but can't edit Quantity or remove bomline.

Compare with the picture in configuration document,it seems that some toolbar disappear.

Did i miss any features that should be installed in TEM?

Thanks in advance.

Features have been installed as follows:

               <installed feature="A0CF69C3A0BC61770EB81BD22667EA52" name="Microsoft Visual C++ Runtimes" />
               <installed feature="A9CECD82127A11DB9804B622A1EF5492" name="Business Modeler IDE" />
               <installed feature="A909338A1CB411DB8AF6B622A1EF5492" name="Business Modeler Templates" />
               <installed feature="90C2A1C96F6A61FAB397AF88ABE4AAC1" name="FMS Server Cache" />
               <installed feature="8C061DD51E13E0CB9DC4687B1A3348BE" name="Teamcenter Foundation" />
               <installed feature="WV56WDWGQRW3NDGOS4YEXNF55EKZHUEN" name="Client Communication System" />
               <installed feature="E6BE32EBDFCC32D5F00E52BFEEAFC590" name="2-tier server configurations" />
               <installed feature="E2564104E1B964BB23D78078DBA34EEA" name="Teamcenter Rich Client 2-tier" />
               <installed feature="C10846D4E83C11DBB817239D55D89593" name="Business Modeler IDE 2-tier" />
               <installed feature="6O6A3KQKM1Q1ZU9D14NJPY6OGAPG9XKU" name="Data Share Manager" />
               <installed feature="BF0E78AFE4280DCB08594EA2F3671BE8" name="Java EE Based Server Manager" />
               <installed feature="DA3F5D4113BC31CC36A257EAB0669DDA" name="Classification Interface/Data Model" />
               <installed feature="557E8778DA9D60AF2A576F3C3F9928BA" name="CPG/Data Model" />
               <installed feature="24E2685325021872095B1249CDE5B49B" name="Active Workspace/Runtime Server" />
               <installed feature="EF6284519D32B8DADCF0F05213AF807B" name="Active Workspace/Active Workspace" />
               <installed feature="6ZP7BHSD5WYX5ARPYQOLUEE9TWR8TKW3" name="Authorization Active Workspace/Runtime Server" />
               <installed feature="E5F45EFFA34DA47F2CD8E4F150F81C11" name="Authorization Active Workspace/Data Model" />
               <installed feature="0F47FD6920230AC9CFDB79C9AC941ADA" name="Active Content Structure/Active Content Structure" />
               <installed feature="61QW5SNSWG3PQS38UCD2DKQQAOD9EIAL" name="Active Content Structure/Runtime Server" />
               <installed feature="EBBE5A49062A4CF8B9F8D44DB1B58B0A" name="Search for Active Workspace Client" />
               <installed feature="A52AA4DB0FEB7542EA001E35D7F44B12" name="Security" />
               <installed feature="33CDCD1DD1CC9FC4F501E081A0DBB553" name="Project Assignment" />
               <installed feature="4ACAC477B4677D631DC5AACD032752D7" name="PS Component" />
               <installed feature="5BDF14A4256BDB326A57477D6BF3E2AD" name="Active Workspace Client (Java EE)" />
               <installed feature="F198327D035C27E82A2E7C67A1971BA7" name="Active Workspace Indexing Engine" />
               <installed feature="198F327035DC2782AE2E767AC197BA71" name="Active Workspace Indexer" />
               <installed feature="BA7132198FD7035C2AE2E767AC197782" name="Active Workspace Object Data FTSI/Active Workspace Object Data Indexer" />
               <installed feature="7EE5008B4669E5D4A1C13AE60D25AA7E" name="Active Content Structure FTSI/Active Content Structure Indexer" />
               <installed feature="14409658BE63D96F4843FB24EDBF7F4D" name="Structure Viewer" />
               <installed feature="B590830219214E4CB23BB3E61034A672" name="Relations Component" />
               <installed feature="F7E5C24FA8684FD8A20B135371994BCB" name="Workflow" />
               <installed feature="27E4C674808243A686ECAF3BE7EE9670" name="Workflow for Active Workspace" />
               <installed feature="CAB03B2D206E45589BD3E0B1717B8154" name="Active Content" />
               <spf feature="9B6D88C9694788E8F36E79F05AA763FD" name="Authorization Active Workspace" />
               <spf feature="307463F1D14E08DFF4F0591C4E892837" name="Classification Interface" />
               <spf feature="C1DB81C17CAA998C7CDD78DFFFA5890E" name="Active Content Structure" />
               <spf feature="F4854D7E0DA7787FEBE1D99631136A6F" name="CPG" />
               <spf feature="AE72829CDC1E0045DE5D97C2E69CFC92" name="Active Workspace" />

Following is the screenshot of my client and the second is the picture in configuration document.



Re: Active Workspace 4.1 BOM Structure Edit




I had same issue with AW4.1 where strructure edit is not possible and many command are disable.. and it happens when I upgraded from AW4 to AW4.1.

To resolve this problem I have redeploy the custom templates i have in my database..


May you can try that way.. 

Re: Active Workspace 4.1 BOM Structure Edit

Solution Partner Valued Contributor Solution Partner Valued Contributor
Solution Partner Valued Contributor

Appreciate for your reply,BKA!

 I have redeployed the custom templates in TEM,however,it does not work for me. 

Re: Active Workspace 4.1 BOM Structure Edit

Solution Partner Experimenter Solution Partner Experimenter
Solution Partner Experimenter

I am too facing same issue, i have gone ahead with 4GD, 4G product master too but no success.


has it been resolved on your end?

Re: Active Workspace 4.1 BOM Structure Edit

Solution Partner Valued Contributor Solution Partner Valued Contributor
Solution Partner Valued Contributor

Yes,following @BKA  suggestions,it has been resolved by redeploying the custom templates(full update in TEM ).

Thanks @BKA  again.