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Active Workspace: Search Filter by related/Specification Dataset

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My customer wants to be able to filter Item Revisions by Dataset Type in AW.


There are IRs in the system which (in Specifications relation) can have either CAD, LegacyCAD, JT or other datasets, or any combination of these.


I want to create an AWC Search filter which enables the user to filter out anything that does not have the selected Dataset Type. I want to avoid using a programmed Runtime Property for this if at all possible.


So e.g. if ItemA has CAD and LegacyCAD, ItemB has LegacyCAD, and ItemC has CAD and JT, by selecting the filter for "CAD" would display ItemA and ItemC.


I have tried a compound property (ItemRevision -> IMAN_specification -> Dataset.object_type) and this works in principle, but that of course returns a list of all datasets, and the filter then allows only to filter by complete list (so the above example would produce three filter options) which is not what we want.