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Active Workspace URL Generation



My goal is to, from an external system, directly link to an Active Workspace operation containing electronic work instructions (with consumed parts, tools etc.). I noticed that each operation step has its own unique URL in Active Workspace, but I am wondering how or where this URL is generated?


Since I want this operation URL to be linked, does the URL for each step need to be manually copied and placed into a hyperlink or is there a way to "generate" the same link if one knows where the link should go to?




Re: Active Workspace URL Generation

for a dataset the following link works:


http://url of webserver/awc/#com.siemens.splm.clientfx.tcui.xrt.showObject;uid=1234567890abcd;page=V...


I am not sure if it works for your use case...

Re: Active Workspace URL Generation



Thank you for your reply. I suppose a workaround would be to link to the instructions as a dataset... But this would mitigate the point of using Active Workspace as a work instruction viewer as it is intended.


I found a preference in the documentation regarding URL generation: EWI_step_url_domain


However I'm not sure what it does it how it works. The description seems to somewhat be pointing me toward what I want to do if I haven't misunderstood:


"Defines the domain used to calculate the URL of the current step.
Calculated URL are used to open the Electronic Work Instructions application in the Manufacturing Execution System (MES).
Valid values are in the format "http://[server name]:[port name]/awc/#com.siemens.splm.clientfx.tcui.xrt.showObject;"


Am I going in the right direction?