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Active Workspace for Catia TcIC

I want to explore the Active workspace for TcIC 11.0.1 and during the TcIC setup it ask for were to deploy the Cat2HostedTcIC.war file.

In the documentation it states that this .war file needs to be deployed
 "The .war file must be manually deployed under web application server for an Embedded Active Workspace installation."


As I'm new to Active Workspace I can't figure this out if I need to embed it or just place it in some specift AWs folder and restart something.

AWs is working and I'm able to logon through the webrowser.


Someone outhere who already have done it and can give some hints?


Re: Active Workspace for Catia TcIC

Additional information is that I use IIS as webserver so somehow I need to get the war file deployed into the aws2dotnet folder but I can't find anything in TEM to deploy an 3rd party war file.

As AWs for IIS is newly supported this maybe have been missed in documentation for TcIC 11.0.1.
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‎09-26-2016 05:36 AM

Re: Active Workspace for Catia TcIC

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... here is the solution Smiley Happy


I extracted the .war file into by IIS website under the folder Cat2HostedTcIC and restarted it.

Now it's showing the AWs embeeded into Catia.


Not 100% clear in documentation how a deploy should occur when using IIS for AWs.