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Add custom command in Active Workspace (Web Service SOA)

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Solution Partner Experimenter

Hi folfs,


I'm quite new to Active Workspace and I want to add a new command (new button in the user interface). I need the new button to show on a specific type of Item. When the button is clicked by the user, I need to show a little dialog windows with 4 fields:

1- Name

2- Description

3- Browse button to select a local file

4- Create button


When the fields 1-2 and 3 are filled and the create button (4) is clicked, I need to create a Dataset using the name and description entered by the user, the type of the Dataset will be determined by the extension of the selected file (field 3). The Dataset will be attached to the Item.


I think I need to:

Create the User interface button

Create an ITK program that creates a Dataset and atatches it to the item

Create a Web Service that will bind the user interface command to the ITK server side program


My questions:

Do we have any tutorial for such a custoimization ?

Can anyone point out the Siemens Documentation that can help me doing this customization ?

Anyone has already done this kind os cutomization and can help me with with some guidelines/hints ?