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Add dataset through a workflow?

Is there a way to add a dataset with to an item revision through a workflow?


E.g,  I have a dataset like 874-3322/C and want to add this to the item revision 874-3322/C.



Re: Add dataset through a workflow?

If you manage to bring the dataset and item revision into workflow target & references (through handlers or manual copy-paste action), you can try using epm-create-relation handler.


Re: Add dataset through a workflow?

Thx HarishVenkat! I was searching for a handler like this but couldn't find anything in help.

... so now it's how to the hold of the dataset that floats in the system.
The user will know the item revision and I thought there could be a handler that searches for an object and adds it to the workflow but this I haven't found either.

Root cause of this is that our TcIC 11.0.1 (Catia) is set to generate a step file, which it does, but it won't add the created dataset to the item revision. Reported to our support but no response yet from Siemens.
So to get it going I'm looking for an workaround until a new release comes of TcIC.

Re: Add dataset through a workflow?

Trying to automate the attachment could be a mistake. The Dataset name is not a unique property, meaning that several Datasets named 874-3322-C probably exist and it will take human intervention to filter out which is the right one to attach.

Randy Ellsworth, Teamcenter Architect, Applied CAx, LLC
NX 11.0.1.mp01 | SW 2016 | TcUA 11.2.3
Evaluating:AW 3.2

Re: Add dataset through a workflow?

True Randy!

I don't like it much either but I trying just to find a way to have a workaround until I can get aa working TcIC as it states in documentation that this auxilliary file management shall work.


... though after some additional test I need to drop this proposal as I have now seen that the TcIC save generates multiple datasets with same name, so your remark was absolutly true.


Re: Add dataset through a workflow?

Hello , 


You can  tie up the dataset to the item revision with a specific relation  and than you can use a handler that attaches  to the workflow all the BO  that are tied up with that relation .The handler name is EPM-attach-related-objects.  For example if you use the argument -relation  you have to insert relation that your dataset is tied up to the item revision , and than you must use an  argument like -attachement  where you specify "target"so like this everything that is found with that relation is attached to the target. 


Good luck and hope it can help you.