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Adding a custom property to a project

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I'm trying to add a custom property at the creation of a project in teamcenter. When creating a project, you have to set a name and an ID, you have to chose the status of the project(active, inactive, inactive and invisible). Here is the situation. I want to add another status, for example a "Validate" status , and I want it to appear beside the other choices (active, inactive, inactive and invisible).


In the BMIDE I looked for those properties and I found them in a LOV names "fnd0EditContextStatesValues". but inside the TC_Project object, the properties are booleans , "is visible" and "is active". So i guess went a user is choosing if his project is either Active or invisible, those variables a setted up but i dont know where this is happening in ordre to change that.


let me say that the version on my Teamcenter isTeamcenter RapidStart 11.2 because this could be a preconfiguration Issue


First of all How can I do that? and then, is it possible codelessly?


Thank you.