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Adding recipients on the fly to email notifications sent by EPM-notify

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I am trying to use the EPM-notify handler to send e-mail notifications in a certain task of a workflow. The emails are sent correctly, the SMTP server is defined in the 'Mail_server_name' preference and 'Mail_OSMail_activated' is set to true. In addition, the emails must be sent not only to Teamcenter users, so I have defined Persons in the Organization application and tested the use of an Address List as well.


In my tests I am defining the recipients using the -recipient argument with user, person or addresslist values, but my goal would be to be able to select the recipients of the notification each time the workflow is executed (without having to alter the workflow design definition).


So far, I have seen that I can assign the recipients of the notifications as Proposed Reviewer Participants of the target object of the workflow and then set the -recipient value as $PROPOSED_REVIEWERS, but that only works if the recipients are Teamcenter users, as I cannot assign Persons or Address Lists as Participants.


In summary, is there a way to choose the recipients of an email notification (be they who they may, users, persons, address lists...) when executing a workflow, instead of them being predetermined by the workflow design itself?