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Admin login password change stops TcRs services. Why?

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Hi Everyone,

I copied my colleagues' virtual machine, which had Teamcenter Rapid Start 11.2 installed on it. I played it with VMware Workstation 2012 Player from my machine, and then I changed the Administrator password on the virtual machine (in Control Panel).


After this, I initiated Teamcenter, which said I don't have the necessary services running, so I tried to start/restart the services, but it failed to start, saying that there's a "logon failure".


I asked my colleague to set the previous password back, so now the services start without any problem, so do Teamcenter.

My question: Why do services fail to start in case I change the administrator password?

If I'd change the Adminstrator account name that'd be clear that the services don't start with non-sys adminstrator users. A lot of companies have policies where server passwords must be changed x times a year. What about their case?


Thank you,


Re: Admin login password change stops TcRs services. Why?

the services are running with Installation user's login credentials. so when you change the windows user's password, you also have to update the new password for the service. This is how you can do this:

1. open Services interface from administrative tools or from Start->Run->Services.msc
2. Right click on the service and select Properties
3. Select "Log On" Tab
4. Here you see the Administrator user under "This account". Enter your newly changed password here and click OK.
The service should start now.

You should do the same everytime you change the windows logon password.