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Alternate ID shown on baselines


Hi all,


I was asked to bring alternate ID to our teamcenter. Right now I can make it work on revisions. I have troubles show it on baselines. Our business practise however is based on baselines...That is a part can have lots of baselines until the last revision is released and next revision starts.


The figure shows how far I am. When I baseline Rev B in "Any ID" context, the naming will use the original one with suffix 001.


I hope, when a revision is baselined in any contexts, the item id/alternate id, rev id and baseline suffix is passed on that baseline. What else do I need to do to achieve this feature? Thanks for any suggestionsid.png


Re: Alternate ID shown on baselines

Update: I manipulate the revision naming rule for the AnyID Rev Identifier business object and set it to receive any combination(%^{1,128}). In this case, When I rev the ALT ID, and select the baseline, in the rev name field, I can manually enter 002.001. SO for the baseline in the figure, I am able to see Thisisanyid/002.001 in the Any ID context.

But this is not what we wanted. It is too manual. If we don't use baselines, the preference IDENTIFIER_deepcopy_types_revise=AnyID Rev, will solve all the problems. It will auto-generate the Alt ID for the new revision. But when the baselines step in, it will recognize baseline as a new revision since it is a deep copy rule. A new revision number will be generated instead of attaching the baseline suffix to the previous revision number.

Anyone uses both alternate ID feature and also baselines? Any solutions?