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Altrep Dataset Name

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Wondering if anybody would be able to share their best practice for naming UGAltrep datasets?


More specifically when configuring a BOM (unprecise) in Structure Manager, TCVis (or embedded viewer) looks at the “UG ALTREP” occurrence note to determine which altrep dataset to look for.  The last save in NX populates UG ALTREP with whatever altrep was configured at that time.  If UG ALTREP contains the specific revision level (ie “ItemName_altrep1_RevLevel”), that BOMLine occurrence will always point to that specific dataset.


If that BOM is then opened in Structure Manager, and a newer revision of that altrep part is configured (let’s say that component has since been revised), TCVis will look for the previous rev level dataset, and not find it under the newer ItemRev.  For instance, rev D gets configured for that occurrence, however UG ALTREP still points to a dataset with rev C in the name.


I realize that’s a little tough to explain.  Please ask for clarification if I’m unclear!