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Applet free sso configuration

Deal All,


            We want to configure applet free sso(We are flexible to use Kerberos/Without kerberos). If anyone has already did this can you kindly share any experience/documents about how to do this. I have gone through the documentation which is bit too much for me to understandSmiley Happy.


                This our environment :

                              Teamcenter 11.2.2 (In Linux Environment)

                              IBM Websphere

                              TcSS(At the moment with applets) 


Thanks & Regards,




Re: Applet free sso configuration

Hello Nagi,


We are using applet based with JBOSS as web server for Windows enviroment. Never did this for Linux environment. 

We had LDAP server set up, and through a get access (apache based) would get a SSO token to make the login possible. 

2 Pool managers(NONSSO and SSO) and Webserver (NONSSO,SSO and LOGIN SERVICES) Apache installed upon JBOSS.


I dont think i have much info on LInus based.




Re: Applet free sso configuration

Hi Chene,

Thanks for the reply. We also exactly have same config as you mentioned in addition we have AWC.

Teamcenter 11.2.2 , Jboss Wildfly8(With SSO and Nosso), Poolmanager(With SSO and Nosso), AWC(With SSO) and Tcss.

But we want to evaluate the applet free sso configuration so that we can get rid of these clients browser dependency/related issues(Like Java enabling, Default browser and Wrong version of java etc..)

Thanks & Regards,