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Assign Targets to Workflows based on a Query


I have a custom item type that I am using for a change object. The custom object has a number of psuedo folders as part of it. 


The entire change item will be put into a workflow. At one stage in the workflow I would like to do the following. 


I would like a query to look into one of the pseudo folders and based on the item revs found there search for related item revs and add them as targets to the workflow. 




ECN0001 has in its related items pseudo folder a part rev named 10000/A.


ECN0001 travels through the process until it comes to a add targets stage. The add targets stage has a Query that takes the part/rev of the item rev in the folder and runs a search on item it *10000*/A and then adds F1000/A and 10000-01/A to the workflows targets.


The lynch pin here being the part of the query that sees the item/rev in the pseudo folder and creates a query result based on what is in there. I have no idea how to do that.


Is there a way to do the above or an alternative direction?


Thanks in advance,




Re: Assign Targets to Workflows based on a Query

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Solution Partner Genius
-write custom handler to run your query and attach result to the target
-use handler PS-attach-assembly-components to attaches all the components of the target assembly as the targets of the same workflow process.
-write custom handler to attach all Where Used items to the target