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Automated export of monolithic JT assembly



I'm looking for an automated way of exporting an assembly in Teamcenter as monolithic JT-file. The assembly needs to be configured by variant and revision. 

What I'm really looking for is an automated version of TcVis Mockup, Export-> JT (Monotlithic).


Do anyone know something like this?


Re: Automated export of monolithic JT assembly

You haven't said which CAD platform you're using to create the JT so I'll assume NX. You can create a dispatcher translator based on the ootb JT translator and use the "monolithic" switch in the configuration file.

Randy Ellsworth, Teamcenter Architect, Applied CAx, LLC
NX 11.0.1.mp01 | SW 2016 | TcUA 11.2.3
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Re: Automated export of monolithic JT assembly

You are assuming right, we use NX (NX10) and Teamcenter 10 ( Sry for not stating in first post. We also do create JT files on Dispatcher (ugtopvdirect) when NX models are relased. 

Hence my question, I want to "reuse" the JT files in some way and create a monolithic JT file (or maybe a plmxml (with jt files in a folder)) outside Teamcenter.


Yes I'm also aware of this can be done by NX JT Translators (ugtopv) but I think this won't be very performant, the assembly we want to export contains of about 5000 parts. (The size of JT-file we export from TcVis is about 3 Gb )


I have also looked into the utility assy_jt_creator which is something like what I want to achieve but this one fails on some of our JT-files (I think the jt toolkit which is used is quite old and our JT-files are new).


So I appreciate all suggestions that can export an assembly from TC in JT format in an automated way (something like ug_clone but for JT) (TcVis Export are not possible to automate, as far as I understand Smiley Sad otherwise this would be the best solution for us)



Re: Automated export of monolithic JT assembly



try following command for TC-shell


C:\PLM\NX9\PVTRANS\run_ugtopv.bat -pim=yes "@DB/TestAssy/A01" -honour_structure -u=xxx -p=xxx -g=xxx -save_outside_teamcenter -force_output_dir=d:\jt -config="C:\PLM\NX9\PVTRANS\tessUG.config"


Make sure your tessUG.config has following setting:

structureOption = "MONOLITHIC"





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‎11-30-2016 06:12 AM

Re: Automated export of monolithic JT assembly

I ended up with running quite a lot of tools to export a complete BOM in JT.

For any one intrested i did the following:


Bomwriter (Tc) for extract a plmxml bom

load_fcccache (Tc) to download all of the JT-files

plmxmltojt to convert (Vis) from plmxml to JT

jt2jt (jt utilities) from JT to Monolithic JT


Some of my problems are related to corrupt JT-files, but the procedure appove are working at the moment.


Re: Automated export of monolithic JT assembly

Maybe a little late, but there is an interesting utility that you should checkout. I haven't tried it.