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Automating creation of the BMIDE package template?


Hi There,

I was wondering if anybody here has figured this one out already.
We are developing our PLM environment through a DTAP.
Meaning a lot of deploys.Therefore we spent some time automating all the steps.

We are at the verge of fully deploy automation.
However i am still wondering if anybody knows if you can script the creation of a template package extension?
And if so? how do you do it? 

At the moment we are updating our new configuration with svn update and right after that i would like to automatticalty create a deploy package, without manual intervention. Is anybody here familliar with this issue?
Any suggestions are welcome.




Re: Automating creation of the BMIDE package template?

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

There is a command line utility "bmide_generate_package" that was introduced in Teamcenter 11.

(I think it was 11.4).  I've not used it personally, but it seems to advertise itself as doing what you are looking for.

Check the Utilities Reference for more information.




I think this isn't straightforward in earlier versions of Teamcenter as the code that created the package required the the project to be open in an eclipse workspace, so was closely coupled to being run inside BMIDE.