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Aveva Integration

Hi there,


I am just wondering is there anyone has integrated Aveva with Teamcenter ? If yes, could you share a bit of information about this integration and how it handles.


Thank you,


Kind Regards,



Re: Aveva Integration

There is an interface available and their are some projects out there with an integration of PDMS and Teamcenter. This projects are done by SIEMENS directly and the interface is part of the SIEMENS pricebook.


Get in touch with your local support for this they should have this information otherwise drop me an e-mail and I will send you the information.




Re: Aveva Integration

Re: Aveva Integration

Hello Stefan,

Thank you for brochures,Is 2D JT Translator and 3D JT Translator is different product? Because we have unitec translator for Aveva, can it use also for 2D Drawings from Aveva?

Thank you for support,


Re: Aveva Integration

Th 2D JT Translator is a differnt product. With this solution 2D-Drawings (P&IDs) will be translated to JT so it can be managed in Teamcenter.


But I would recommend to get in touch with you directly for more details.



Re: Aveva Integration

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Hello ,


Aveva integration , is sold by Siemens or is sold by Aveva? 

Can you please , give me more details about the integration ? 


Thank you very much .

Re: Aveva Integration

The integration is sold by SIEMENS and is in some mayor projects in use.


What else do you need beside the information in the PDF?


You can get in touch with me directly for details?


Kind regards