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BMIDE: A Road to Hell

[ Edited ]

Is it possible to remove a property from a Model Object in BMIDE and deploy the template again?


How do I recover from a 'delta' faillure on BMIDE? 


Is Restoring the Database,The Volumes and TCData from a backup the standarized approach?


Thank you.



Re: BMIDE: A Road to Hell

yeah, you can remove a property that you added. I've done that several times.


When the BMIDE update fails. I revert  the TCDATA\model directory (in a git repo) and also revert the TCROOT\install\configuration.xml file. Fix my screwup in the BMIDE and redeploy. Until you replace the config file, the BMIDE will try to help fix it. It will go into "recovery mode" or something. I've never had any luck with that. 


I have never needed to restore a database or volume in test or production.


Just curious, what did you do?

Re: BMIDE: A Road to Hell

[ Edited ]

Hello Trevor,


I basically restored the database and volume.Lucky you never had to!