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BMIDE - Check Latest Released

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Valued Contributor

Dear Listers,


I am trying to change the value of the maxAllowedWorkRevs to 1 so that I cannot create more than 1 working revisons

How ever when I am checking the extension  -- checkLatestReleased I see the buttons on the left are greyed out as in the attached PNG.

I later realised that my Teamcenter 10 (  is at Business Modeler IDE (10.1.0) and not patched.


Is this the reason for the controls on the right of the extension is disabled.?

How can I patch the BMIDE to manually?





Betreff: BMIDE - Check Latest Released

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You can't and shouldn't modify the ' checkLatestReleased' extension. It is a foundation object.

Just add this extension as Pre-Condition under the item_copy_rev operation of you Item Revision Business Object. Find item_copy_rev operation in the operation tab.

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Betreff: BMIDE - Check Latest Released

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Hope this helps...

For MaxAllowedWorkRevsForItemCopyRev to be processed the user has to set the precondition checkLatestReleased on the ITEM_copy_rev operation of the ItemRevision Business Object. Once checkLatestReleased is set and MaxAllowedWorkRevsForItemCopyRev is set to a number >=1, its value will be checked and a warning message will be presented to the user, it the user tries to create more revisions than those set by MaxAllowedWorkRevsForItemCopyRev.

Firstly I created a project in BMIDE and in order of business object=> Item Revision => top tab(Main) sub tab(Business Object Constant). In Business Object constant; there are 3 values to change (MaxAllowedWorkforRevsforItemCopyRev,MaxAllowedWorkforRevsforItemCreate,MaxAllowedWorkforRevsItemCpRevexist) this values default "-1",this means you can create unlimited revisions. But when you change the values to "1",therefore only one working revision on the System. After that you should attach "checkLatestReleased" to Item Revision(Operations tab)=> there are 3 values (ITEM_copy_rev,ITEM_copy_rev_to_existing,ITEM_create_rev). You should add "checkLatestReleased" to them. (I think this way include all revisions)

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