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BMIDE: Way to ask for Preference in Condition ?


I am looking for a way to use a preference in a Condition.

Aiming for setting up a condition in BMIDE which gets used on specific (DocumentItem-) DisplayRules.

So at least I have to check for the presence of a specific TC preference ( not the value set ). If set (present) the Condition should return "True" then ....


But I can not find a suitable business object I can use, within UserSession there are no preferences (?).


Any hints ?


Thomas Zwatz, CADadmin, PÖTTINGER Landtechnik GmbH
Production: NX11.0.2.7 MP04 + TC10.1.7.1
Testing: NX11.0.2.7 MP11 + TC10.1.7.1
Unstable: NX12.0.2.9 MP02 + TC11.5.0.2
Development: C#