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BOM/NX Export/Import

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I have a Structure with NX models exisiting.  What I desire is that NX model and structure in a OOTB demo Tc implementation.  What is the simplest way to get that BOM Structure and models into my demo environment.  I really don't care about Tc attributes from originating Tc environment.  I just want BOM and models.
I tried opening model in NX and from NX Exporting out of Tc.  But I struggled with getting the structure, and the Tc names being exported.  It exported with Item ID's, bnut did not seem to recognize names.  Not sure if this is an export setting, or what?
I know I am being vague here, not my intention.  Just not a lot of experience in this area, and want something quick and simple.


Re: BOM/NX Export/Import




You can export assembly from Teamcenter - (I have not used NX export assembly option)


1. Open assembly in Structure Manager.

2. Select topline and go to menu option Tools -> Export -> To PLMXML

3.Select appropriate Export Directory. Change Transfer Mode to "ConfiguredDataFilesExportDefault".

This will export assembly from Teamcenter to selected folder.


You can then import assembly into demo enviroment using NX (within teamcenter) - "Import Assembly into Teamcenter" option. 

In NX,

File -> Import Assembly into Teamcenter...


In the dialog, select appropriate options - you would need to add assembly for import, change object type if required, set item id to auto generation or to filename or manual input.


Not sure which version of NX you are using, as these options will vary as per version -  UI has changed in NX10.


Hope that helps.