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Based on Property PLMXML_IMPORT

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Dear Listers,


I have executed the following steps:


1) Created an Item.( eg. TestV)

2) Applied the Item Revision(TestV/1;1) to the custom workflow to attain a custom status ( PILOT)

3) Revised the Item Revision( TestV/2;1)

4) Checked the properties of the new revision(TestV/2;1) and could see the "based on"  property which is Revision 1.(TestV/1;1)

5) Now In the PLMXML_EXPORT in the default TransferMode Which is ConfiguredDataExportDefault. I have added the property set 


6) I could export the Item using the PLMXML_EXPORT.

7) In the export file I can see the based_on property reflecting ItemRevsion 1.

8) Deleted the Item( both Revision 1 and Revision 2) , Delated the reference now there is no instance of the ITem(TestV)

9) Did an PLMXML_IMPORT of TestV.xml. But could not see the value in the based_on property.


I tried configuring the Propertyset as Type.ItemRevision:Property.based_on:DO but still it does not reflect the value upon import.


If anyone can provide me some pointers to resovle this.





Re: Based on Property PLMXML_IMPORT


I haven't tested, but I often find if something doesnt work using PLMXML i switch to TCXML.  Might be worth a try?




Richard Bennett
PLM Consultant