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Basic teamcenter knowledge and installation questions




So I've been tasked by my employers (State University) of install TeamCenter server side (and eventually client side). Something to note is that I don't have the high credentials concerning the Univerity's network & connections to buisnesses (So I wouldn't have a Seller-ID else I'd call GTAC and request some info). I mostly only have control over a few servers that my department owns and computers.


My network administrator is a busy man and provided me with an install called Teamcenter_Visualization_11_2_2_win64. Would this be right? I presume there is a differnt install for the server side and client side? 


If so would it be a safe idea to install everything? Base, Standard, Professional, Mockup, VisAutomationApp, ClearanceDB, Convert & Print, Help & Misc Features.


I'm sure a professional would be best suited to do this task but I'm okay with being baptized by fire. 




Re: Basic teamcenter knowledge and installation questions

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Sorry to burst your bubble, but Tc Visualization is not Teamcenter proper.  It's a standalone or add-on software solution and among the easiest pieces to install for Teamcenter.  To install "Teamcenter" you'll need the entire distribution as well as a database for it to connect to.

Larry Carpenter, P.E.
CAxPLM Architect @ Siemens Molecular Imaging
Past Board Member @ PLM World, Inc,

Re: Basic teamcenter knowledge and installation questions


Hi Larry,


Since my Network Admin is the person that corresponds and acquires software and licenses from Siemens, could you point me in the right direction on the requirements for setting up Teamcenter Proper from hardware & install file name? 


Second, any idea where I can get a proper description of what TeamCenter does? This was sort of just thrown upon me last week and I can't seem to pick up a proper understanding of the scope of teamcenter. 


Now that I've created an account (WebKey) I can access some of the documents I couldn't reach before.

Do you think following the following document, TeamcenterTM Deployment Guide 11.2.1, would be sufficient reading material?