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Building query based on a runtime property



How do I build a custom query based on a runtime property?


I have to find the list of objects not exported to any other sites. I know there is this runtime property 'export_sites'. But I couldnot find the attribute in Query builder.


Can someone help me.




Re: Building query based on a runtime property


Good afternoon! You can not use runtime properties for a query. Use another type of query, the exported objects have ImanExportRecord. Here is the solution I used once with gtac, which should help you:

If you are referring to the run-time property "Exported To", there is no
persistent attribute.

It can be added a query clause to the Item Query using Referenced By.
This query clause will enable the user to find items that are exported to a
specific site (search criteria).

In Query Builder,

(1) Pick Item as search class.
(2) In Attribute Selection Panel, double-click "Referenced by"
node (located at the bottom of the tree).
Class Attribute Selection Dialog should popup.
In this dialog, select ImanExportRecord as the SearchClass.
Then, select ixr_exported_object as the target attr ..
Click OK

"Reference by" node should be changed into "ixr_exported_object
[ImanExportRecord] "

(3) Expand the node: "ixr_exported_object [ImanExportRecord]"
(4) Under the above node, expand the node: "ixr_target_site"
(5) Under the node:: "ixr_target_site", double-click the node:
"name" or "id"
Target name or target id should be added to the Search Criteria

Re: Building query based on a runtime property

Hi Arthur,


Thanks for your quick reply.


I added the clause as per your suggestions, but I'm facing an error when executing the query.

"An invalid query identifier given to the enquiry"


I've added the screenshots of the error. Could you let me know how I can resolve this.


Note : I've given the search criteria as 'IS_NULL' since I want to get the list of items not exported.



Re: Building query based on a runtime property

Try this query:

Also, try it with IS_NOT_NULL to make sure that it outputs the objects that have been exported. Simply I now do not have any exported object and the query with IS_NOT_NULL output to me empty

Re: Building query based on a runtime property

Hi Arthur, Many thanks for your help. This query worked perfectly for me.