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C# SOA code to create a BOM




I have a service that reads incoming xml files and creates item based upon these files.


I now need to create a BOM based upon parent child information in these xml files.

I'm struggeling with understanding how to create the SOA BOM calls so I can create a BOM view on the parent and then add the child items I have.

I want to create a precise BOM and if it's possible to assign so the BOM is packed by the code would be great.


Can someone guide me with some sample so I at least get the BOM build?


Jörgen Mähler, PLM Lead Hydro
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Re: C# SOA code to create a BOM

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following sample should help you. It's a straightforward call which takes parent and child items as input and creates assembly.

CreateOrUpdateRelativeStructureResponse createRelativeStructure(CreateItemsOutput[] items)

CreateOrUpdateRelativeStructureInfo2[] strInfos = new CreateOrUpdateRelativeStructureInfo2[1];
strInfos[0] = new CreateOrUpdateRelativeStructureInfo2();
strInfos[0].Parent = items[0].ItemRev;
strInfos[0].Precise = true;
strInfos[0].ChildInfo = new RelativeStructureChildInfo[items.Length - 1];

System.Collections.Generic.List<RelativeStructureChildInfo> aChildList = new System.Collections.Generic.List<RelativeStructureChildInfo>();

int ii = 0;
foreach (CreateItemsOutput itemOp in items)
if (ii == 0)
Console.WriteLine("Parent item: " + itemOp.Item.Item_id);

strInfos[0].ChildInfo[ii - 1] = new RelativeStructureChildInfo();

strInfos[0].ChildInfo[ii - 1].Child = itemOp.ItemRev;
strInfos[0].ChildInfo[ii - 1].ClientId = itemOp.Item.Item_id + "_" + itemOp.ItemRev.Item_revision_id;
//strInfos[0].ChildInfo[ii - 1].OccInfo = new RelOccInfo();
//strInfos[0].ChildInfo[ii - 1].OccInfo.


Teamcenter.Services.Strong.Cad.StructureManagementService cadSMS = new Teamcenter.Services.Strong.Cad.StructureManagementRestBindingStub(Teamcenter.ClientX.Session.getConnection());
CreateOrUpdateRelativeStructurePref2 strPref = new CreateOrUpdateRelativeStructurePref2();
//strPref.CadOccIdAttrName = "SD2cax_com";

CreateOrUpdateRelativeStructureResponse aResp = cadSMS.CreateOrUpdateRelativeStructure(strInfos, "view", false, strPref);

return aResp;