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Can Dispatcher be configured to auto delete completed task folders when done?


Hi all,


I currently have a script that runs every day to delete the dispatcher task files from within the Stage\DC folder that are older than 5 days.


I'm curious if there's anywhere I can tell Dispatcher to delete the files from the Windows file system once it has either completed the task or when the task is completed.


My reasoning for wanting this is it would be a much cleaner way to do it and it would cut down the amount of small files getting backed up every night so this particular servers backup time would reduce.


Does any body know if this is possible?


Thank you



Re: Can Dispatcher be configured to auto delete completed task folders when done?

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

The configuration files of the scheduler, module and client have DeleteTime properties to remove obsolete log files. See DispatcherRoot\Scheduler\conf\ , DispatcherRoot\Module\conf\ and DispatcherRoot\DispatcherClient\conf\

The file DispatcherRoot\DispatcherClient\conf\ also contains RequestCleanup properties to delete successful and failed translations.

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Re: Can Dispatcher be configured to auto delete completed task folders when done?




yes, it is possible. Therefore you must modify DispatcherClient


In the section RequestCleanup you can define different threshold and interval settings. See example.  This setting will delete all "successful" tasks, staging and client logs after 5 minutes and query database each 5 minutes for this.





Unsuccessful task information, staging data and logs will be deleted after 5 days (7200 minutes), this query is just executed every 2 hours.



If you have multiple Dispatcher Clients in use, you can or should define it for each. For Dispatcher Module, Scheduler you can also activate a log delete interval.

You will find it in and


Hope this helps.