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Case of the combination of precise and imprecise

Hi, I have one question.

Recently I learnt the precise/imprecise and revision rule.


The questions is: 

Is there any case where the structure is configure by the both of precise and imprecise? If there is, could you tell me the business scenario of it ?

For example: there is one structure (one BOM structure )which has 20 level.

The items of the structure from 0 level to 10 level is configure by precise , but the items of the structure from 11 level to 20 level  are configured as imprecise.  


Re: Case of the combination of precise and imprecise

[ Edited ]

Hello Gimec,


This is my understanding for your query. Precise & imprecise structures are completely based on specific industry practice. You can configure your structures in BOM as below . For EG


Parent Assm

  - Sub Assm 1 ( Precise)

     - Child 1/A

     - Child 2/A

 - Sub Assm 2 ( Imprecise)

   - Child 3/B

   - Child 3/B


Again, some of the organisation may prefer working with Imprecise (Sub assembly) structure prior to release. Once the entire components under the parent ( Root component) are ready to release, they may define the same structure as static ( Precise).


More Details/ Understanding :



Swapnil Gawas
Testing, Teamcenter 11.2.x | Active Workspace 3.x

Re: Case of the combination of precise and imprecise

Thank you so much. Ok, I can understand it.