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Change Server's Profile Name


After a successful installation that took some days, I realised that someone (not me) had chosen the server's name quite badly. I would like to change it to follow the company's server identification policy. Could someone tell me how to set it to another name? I mean the Server's field in the login to Teamcenter form.


Capture.PNGI would like to change the 'Server' field value.

 Thank you!


Re: Change Server's Profile Name


I guess this can be changed by changing "Connection Name" parameter which you can find with: launch TEM -> navigate to "Feature Maintenance" -> Select Modify 2-Tier/4-Tier Server settings -> click Next

Re: Change Server's Profile Name

Thank you very much, it worked like a charm!


Now the "Clarifying Names" policy is strictly followed.


Capture.PNGClarity is essential. Camelcase was used.