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Clarifying edit on group protection scope of preferences from UI


I was going through the preferences documentation where they have migrated to latest verion from TC10 ( we are in TC11). I have still some confusions around "Location" and "protection scope"..need the help of you guys to clarify by understanding.

Location: Defines the "scope" at which the preferences is applicable. If Location=Site, then the preference is applicable at Site Level.

Protection Scope:  Who can edit/update a given preference "instance"


I still have some confusions and below are my questions to understand.

1. To create an instance of a preference - it needs to have a Location and scope. Without this we canot create an instance. Is this right?

2. From UI when I create a new preference using DBA role, the Location is always SITE and is not editable. How can I change the Location value from UI?

3. How to create an instance of a preference whose Ptotection scope is GROUP from UI.