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Classification Column on Structure Manager

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if it was possible to show the classification ICOS contained by the parent of a revision on the BOM view offered by the Structure Manager. That would allow me to control revisions easily when the parent item, for example an Icecream, is classified as 'Cold' by not even trying to create a 'Hot' variant as the Class 'Cold' would be shown in its corresponding column. I prefer to carry information about items in their properties and classification and avoid putting it on its name, but I cannot find any method to expose a property value or the ICOs it 'belongs to', forcing me to name the Item as COLD icecream, with COLD chocolate. I found a column that indicates when the Item is classified or not, but that does not give me the depth of details I am asking for.


About the example, this is Spain here and it is Summer.


(Previous post was done from a wrong account, I will delete it as soon as I recover access to its webkey :/ )