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Configuring Structure Manager with Correct Revision


Dear All,


I am a new TC user and recently my company has installed TC11.4 to replace the old system.


Normally when a new revision of the part is made. The "Release Status" of the old revision will become "Service Only", and only the new (or latest) revision has the "Release Status" of "Released".


Recently I looked into Engineering Bill of Material (EBoM) with Structural Manager. I found that the EBoM of the assembly contains the part which are "Service Only" instead of "Released". Then I looked into the detail of the part and revision history, I found that the old revision with status "Service Only" has the same "Release Date" as the latest vesion with the status "Releasëd".


I have set the revision rule with different configuration, it seems to me that Team Ceneter only detemined the laterest revision of the part based on the "Release Date". So no matter if the part is "Service Only" or "Released", Structure Manager will display the part with the latest Release Date.


Would it be possible that something has be set wrongly in the revision rule, or it is something that has to be done by TC adminstrator?


Re: Configuring Structure Manager with Correct Revision

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Teamcenter doesn't know the difference between statuses unless you tell it. Both statuses are equal in its opinion with the "right" one being with the latest released date. Your administrator should set up a revision rule for status = "Released" then WIP which should resolve your issue.

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Re: Configuring Structure Manager with Correct Revision


 I experienced this recently when setting up our release workflows. We had the desire to automatically obsolete old revisions when a new revision is released to production. I found that if you set up the handlers just right, the workflow behaves as desired. Attached is a screenshot of the handlers I put on my produciton release task in my production release workflow. TCRS-release-previous-itemrevs sets all previous revs to status 90 - obsolete. Your mileage may vary if you aren't on Rapid Start, but we do have 11.4. FYI, this is something your admin will have to do.