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Corporate server and pool manager

When I look at the folder called "C:\Siemens\Teamcenter\TC_Dev\Corporate ", I found the folder called "pool manager".


I guess corporate server manage volume server and by FMS the users can get the files on TC.

So pool manager  is related to only DB such as SQL server.



Why are there folder called "pool manager" under corporate folder?


Re: Corporate server and pool manager

Pool Manager is the J2EE name and Server Manager is the .NET name for the manager of the pool of tcserver.exe processes. The tcserver process is the program used to query the database and display results to the user through a client interface (2t rich client, 4t rich client, web or thin client, etc.).

Randy Ellsworth, Teamcenter Architect, Applied CAx, LLC
NX 11.0.1.mp01 | SW 2016 | TcUA 11.2.3
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