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Custom DM Template


Hi expert ,I want to make Custom DM(Document management) -Template for Excle Format so,can some one help me for this assiement .




Re: Custom DM Template



Below you can see the basic and general steps I made to enable an Excel dataset creation when users create a Document item. It occurs when some certain properties are filled in during creation. (I also created an condition rule to my custom Document item)


1) make sure you have enabled Document Management template

2) import your Excel template to an DM Template item

Set a status and here I noticed that in needs TCM Release. When I used my Release status it would not create the Excel dataset.

3) In BMIDE you create a New IRDC (Item Revision Definition Configuration) under Document Managment

On the IRDC Base Criteria Info tab

- Here you specify to which object this template shall apply to and also set the id and datasetname of the template.

On the IRDC Dataset Criteria Info tab

- Here you specify the relation the created dataset shall have and if there are some derived datasets like PDF.

On the IRDC Deep Copy Rule Page Info tab

- Here you specify what shall happen during Revise and Save As.



You will find more detailed information in BMIDE help if you search on IRDC or Document Management



Jörgen Mähler, PLM Lead Hydro
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