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Custom Form as a Named Reference

Hi all,


I want an empty custom form to be added as named reference to every newly created custom Dataset. (just like UGPART-ATTR form is added as soon as UGMASTER dataset is created)


Is this possible with codeless customization ?



My purpose here is to add a dataset-type related custom properties to this form. (As I have datasets as secondary objects, I cannot add persisitent properties on them).


Re: Custom Form as a Named Reference

There is no OOTB extension for this, therefore, it needs some coding...

Re: Custom Form as a Named Reference

Thanks @xtof for your response.


That menas, I can use only post action on Dataset-Creation, right ?


I have one more doubt, I heard from someone in past that post actions can affect performance.How does post action affect ? How true is that ?

(At that time I did not have enough teamcenter knowledge to discuss Smiley Wink  ).

Re: Custom Form as a Named Reference

In BMIDE -> Extensions -> createObject you can see the availability. OOTB it is just for Item and ItemRevision. I.e. you can create a dataset with postaction on creation of ItemRevision without coding.
I am not aware that post action has a major impact on the performance but maybe others have more experience.

Re: Custom Form as a Named Reference

Thanks  @xtof