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Customize itemRev context menu?

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I would like to change the name of an entry in the context menu (right click) of an item revision. The help files direct me to adding a menu item (Example), but I'd rather keep the functionality of the present menu items and just change the name of one. Is this possible? I can't find a suitable plugin.xml to look into for this.. Maybe I'm going about it the wrong way.


I have a configured Eclipse environment up and running with debug/run functionality of the RAC enabled, so I think I'm good to go.




Re: Customize itemRev context menu?

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I never tried to do this but as the context menu is application dependent you first have to see for which applications you want to change it. Then have a look at the portal/plugins directory. If you want to change the context menu e.g. in CAE Manager open com.teamcenter.rac.caese_10000.1.0.jar and have a look at the file or other properties files for other languages. There you should find the string shown in the context menu. Not sure if just changing the text in the properties file and running genreg is sufficient to change it in RAC but maybe this is already a good starting point to look at.