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Customize the "new dataset" dialog



we are trying to customize the "new dataset" dialog.

Stylesheet seems not to work. (Registered type: Dataset, Stylesheettype: create)


Do I have to work with the Operation descriptor?

Attached you will find my test setup (a4_ suffix_dataset property should be displayed while creating a dataset).

Many thanks for your support.




TC 11.2.2 / NX 10


Re: Customize the "new dataset" dialog

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You are on the right path: the property must be added to operation descriptor. If you still cannot see it in the create dataset dialog, it has to be additionally added to stylesheet. (I recently worked with customization of create item dialog on different TC Versions and strangely, in some cases, it had to be added to stylesheet as well).


Has it also to be a mandatory property ?

Re: Customize the "new dataset" dialog

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xplm2005, thank you for your support!

> no, it has not to be mandatory. Do you think this could be an issue?

I realised that the custom attributs are shown in the "save as" (one on Dataset level, one on PDF level) but not in the "new dataset".

Trying to define the stylesheet for the dataset create dialog fails. For the new dataset as well as for the save as....

Did I miss to set some parameter in the BMIDE?


Re: Customize the "new dataset" dialog

Property must not be mandatory. I just asked, because there is a different setting for that.


Regarding why it's not displayed: When you add property in CreateInput descriptor, please make sure that you have set "visible" flag to true. There is "Visible" toggle on "New Operation Input" dialog.



Re: Customize the "new dataset" dialog

It seems The new dataset dialog does not use stylesheet .........yet.

Re: Customize the "new dataset" dialog

after reading you comment and unsuccessfully setting the property on the "operation descriptor" in the BMIDE to visible without beeing able to display it on the "new dataset" pane I assume this is not possible only with OOTB features - correct?

Do I really need to use a ITK solution for such a simple feature?

Is there nobody who has successfully added a custom attribute on the "create dataset" pane who could share his experience??

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‎07-21-2016 09:48 AM

Re: Customize the "new dataset" dialog

As far as I know this task is not possible using the OOTB new dataset

You can use client side java programing to extend this dialog to your

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Re: Customize the "new dataset" dialog



Do you know the steps or any link for help guide on how to extend the new dataset dialogue or any dialogue as an example.





Re: Customize the "new dataset" dialog

No I don't