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Customizing the "Getting Started" application

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Has anyone customized their "Getting Started" application in teamcenter? Or know if this is even possible?  I just want to add a few reference links for the rest of the engineering team.


any input is appreciated.


Thanks all,


Re: Customizing the "Getting Started" application

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I don't believe you can edit the "Getting Started" display, but it's possible to configure your client to display a different web site entirely. For example, you can display a page from your corporate intranet. The information about how to do it is available on the GTAC site; search for "myTeamCenterApp.URL".


Alternatively, you could look into using the LaunchPad perspective, which is hidden by default.

Arden Bedell | Teamcenter Wonk | Applied CAx, LLC