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DB Server Migration

Hi TCS Experts,

Currently our customer is thinking about changing the current DB server(Unix) to a standalone Unix server.

Any advice on how to approach it and inputs on best practices?

Anyone done it before?

Your reply is appreciated.

TC Version is 8.3
DB server os is AIX


Re: DB Server Migration

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Solution Partner Honored Contributor

Assuming that the flavor of Unix is staying the same (AIX?) then the operation is fairly simple. Naturally, the Teamcenter envirnment must be taken down before making any changes to the underlaying architecture.


A rough outline:

  1. Take down the Teamcenter environment and lock it.
  2. Export the database from the original DB server.
  3. Import the database to the new DB server.
  4. Modify TC_DATA.
  5. Test the DB connection and regen the POM_SCHEMA.
  6. Unlock Teamcenter and start it back up.


Modifying TC_DATA is the "secret sauce" that tells Teamcenter how to connect to the database.

  • Rename the POM_schema file.
  • Rename the log directory.
  • Modify tc_profilevars.bat.
  • Modify tnsnames.ora.




Randy Ellsworth, Teamcenter Architect, Applied CAx, LLC
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