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Dataset placement recommendations



We have couple of documents signed by field engineers . We would like to store these documents in TC after scanning them to PDF format. What are the best practices to store these datasets, just dump in a folder or create Item and attach to them etc ? (these datasets doesn't change. Also need to be secured from accident deletion).
Recommendations needed.







Re: Dataset placement recommendations



Better you upload them as datasets in TC. Use import_file utility..

Whenever you require that document,you can search as well.

import_file utility::
Imports files into the Teamcenter database according to a set of user-specified
arguments. These arguments supply user identification information, dataset
information, and (optionally) item information to be associated with the imported
file. The arguments may be specified on the command line to import a single data
file or in a file to import multiple data files (bulk import).
Depending on the arguments, each data file is copied (an ImanFile object is created),
a dataset is created (or modified), and if specified, an item is created or modified to
contain the dataset. In the absence of a specified item, the dataset is placed in the
user’s Newstuff folder.
Note::The import_file utility does not support the creation of custom item types.
*Note*: Make sure that -ref and -d arguments are important, if we do not specify -d argument,
file will gets stored into Newstuff folder.
::To import an single text file:

import_file -user=infodba -p=infodba -group=dba -f=d:\f2.txt -type=Text -d=my_textnewnewo_dataset -ref=Text

::To import an single excel file:

import_file -user=user-id -p=password -group=group -f=d:\we.xlsx -type=MSExcel -d=my_excel_dataset -ref=excel

::To import PDF file

import_file -user=infodba -p=infodba -group=dba -f=D:\d3.pdf -type=PDF -d=my_pdfnew_dataset -ref=PDF_Reference

and so on....

Re: Dataset placement recommendations

My question is not for how to upload dataset. I'm aware of this utility and other options.
I want to know where to place dataset? I want to know the best practices for placing such dataset. I want to introduce this new practice to my organization.
PS:We have folder structure in TC for organizing certain commonly used data objects

Re: Dataset placement recommendations




Best way is store them as datasets.


Re: Dataset placement recommendations


If you will not revise them I don't see that you need to create an item and relate them to this.

On otherhand if you have some properties defining different type of documents it's easier to search for different type of documents in future it might anyway be beneficial to create a item.

It can also be good to have an item if these document shall be releated somehow to other items then relations can be used as psudofolders.


If you go for the dataset setup one suggestion could be to create a folder like "Common documents" which is shared by all users and in that one create a subfolder were you store these PDF files.

Just be careful so you don't create a huge and deep folder structure that needs to be maintained.

You should also be able to set an ACL on this subfolder that allows to add datasets but not remove to be sure that a user by mistake makes a cut. 

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