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Decrypt mssql teamcenter data using queries

How can we decrypt TC data using mssql queries? For example, item id's having unique id in the database. If we run sql queries, it returns the encrypted value.


puid            pseq       pval_0

wkBAAAgUYL5QYB    1    Downwards
gQOAAAgYYL5QYB    0    Metric
gUHAAAgYYL5QYB    1    No
gYIAAAgYYL5QYB    1    No
gQOAAAgYYL5QYB    1    Non-Metric
wkFAAAgUYL5QYB    0    Plug
wkFAAAgUYL5QYB    1    Socket
wkBAAAgUYL5QYB    0    Upwards
gUHAAAgYYL5QYB    0    Yes
gYIAAAgYYL5QYB    0    Yes

Need to decrypt puid's.

Any suggestions..


Re: Decrypt mssql teamcenter data using queries

The PUID is a unique object identifier. It is not the Item ID. The Item ID is stored in table dbo.PITEMID and attribute PITEM_ID. You join data from differing tables using the PUID to ensure that you're talking about the same object.
I've never tried to pull it from the PVALUE table but you might want to try something like:
select i.PITEM_ID, v.PSEQ, v.PVAL_0 from dbo.PITEMID i, dbo.PVALUE v where i.PUID = v.PUID;
Note: the above SQL probably won't work and I have not tested it. Direct SQL statements are not supported and actively discouraged.

Randy Ellsworth, Teamcenter Architect, Applied CAx, LLC
NX 11.0.1.mp01 | SW 2016 | TcUA 11.2.3
Evaluating:AW 3.2

Re: Decrypt mssql teamcenter data using queries

Thank you. But if it supports direct sql queries,it would be good.

Re: Decrypt mssql teamcenter data using queries


Below is sample for you to query the Teamcenter database through an SQL query and get all the items and revision id.

Please note that it's not supported and can create severe problems to make direct changes to the database entries using SQL queries.


Use it only for getting information that can't be found through the tools provided by Siemens.


As example I use a query to find item revisions that have double dataset or have one dataset type but missing another.

that gives me a list and then I adjust thrhough the Rich Client


      i.pitem_id+'/'+ir.pitem_revision_id "ItemRevision",i.pitem_id "Item ID",ir.pitem_revision_id "Revision ID"
      PITEM i,

Re: Decrypt mssql teamcenter data using queries



You are right. Thanks. Let me try..