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Derive change : 2 PRs and one CR

Hi all,


Here's the biz use-case :


2 PRs have to merge into 1 CR.


From the first PR I use "derive change" function:

- CR is created

- both links problem items & reference items from PR are propagated to CR.


Now I want to link second PR to CR.

I can not use "derive change" function as it only creates (and not link only) a CR.


Hence from CR (in AWC) I switch to Affected Items tab search for my PR and link it to CR. Works fine.

BUT both links (problem items & ref items) from PR are not propagated to CR.


How can I solve this pb







Re: Derive change : 2 PRs and one CR

Hello Fabien,


Have you tried the workflow approach with combination of epm-attach-related objects (to bring PR problem item as workflow targets) and epm-create-relation from workflow targets to CR Problem items?




Re: Derive change : 2 PRs and one CR

Hi Harish,


Thanks for your reply.


The expected behavior is actually to have the same as the "Derive change" action interactively.

Bringing this into WFs is no longer interactive.


Does anyone know exactly what happens "behind the scene" during the "Derive change" action ?


As a reminder, The "Derive change" action creates a new change object. We would like the same behavior while linking to an existing change object