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Design item type - Inteended for what?



I will create an itemtype that shall contain cadgeometry.

I see that under Item in BMIDE there is an itemtype named Design. Does anyone know what the OOTB intention is for this item type?

Shall I create my new Item type under Item or maybe under the Design item if it will give some future benefits.




Re: Design item type - Inteended for what?

This link explains a feature/relation on Design which is different from Item.


Re: Design item type - Inteended for what?

Thanks!, this kind of explanation I miss in the Teamcenter documentation to understand how all fits together. Something for admin to pass on to Siemens development and implement in future documentation. as I understand it then ... each CAD geometry shall be placed under an Item and the item is them used in an Design item which is linked to the Part item.

The Design item itself represent as example a green part or blue part which share the same CAD.


We use Part item to represent our ERP item and on this we have related our Document item (Mainly a Word/Excel document containing the production instruction.) to an own relation "Fabrication" created as a pseudo folder.

We do relate the Document item level and not the revision do have a more simple management for the users as it has been a learning curve to understand check-in/out and status management of the Document revisions.














... so based upon the explenation we should create an Design item an relate our CAD items to this and use the Design item on the Part to do it as Teamcenter is designed.

What I feel is that this generates allot of items and many users might feel disoriented with this setup.


... or shalI/can I create a special relation and assign our CAD items with this relation to each Part it's used in as we do for the Document items.

This I think is easier for our users to understand or at least creates minimal jobs for them.

... but do we then miss something important for future if we skip the Design part?






Re: Design item type - Inteended for what?

Exactly, even I felt it generates lots of Items. We currently have this proposal for a TC-CAD integration in handling multiple configurations of CAD Items. In our case, there are other disadvantages/efforts like: Once the part Item is revised, the old revision should be dtatched from Design and the new Revision should be attached. So personally, I am not in favor of using this concept in TC-CAD Integration for handling configuraitons at least.

Re: Design item type - Inteended for what?

This article also has some info related to Design & Parts  role in BOM Management.

Re: Design item type - Inteended for what?

It is often considered a best practice to separate part and CAD by sub typing CAD under 'Design' object.


You could refer to Part CAD alignment document available in GTAC Documentation and see if it adds value to your scenario.



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