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Difference between Discipline and Role

Dear all, There is a definition for Discipline in Organization application documentation: A discipline is a set of users who have a common behavior, for example, developers that have expertise in UNIX. I think a discipline is something like a "Role". Because users in a group with same role also have "common behavior" I will be thankful if anybody tells me about the differences between Disciplines and roles.
Sina shojaee

Re: Difference between Discipline and Role

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom


I grepped this from GTAC:


A "discipline" in SM has to do with a placeholder of sorts; a container where people with common ground might exist. You might have a Discipline called "Tech Writers" where every Tdoc person gets added to the Discipline.

A "role" has slightly different meaning in TC core as opposed to SM. In SM, you can be a Coodinator, a Participant, or an Observer. In TC core, you can be a dba, a Project Administrator, a Resource Graph Viewer, etc. Roles have to do with ACCESS AND CAPABILITIES. Disciplines have more in common with GROUPS then they do with ROLES.

SM = Schedule Manager

Maybe helps to understand the difference.