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Dispatcher & SolidWorks invalid model error



I have an assembly drawing that fails to create a PDF on Dispatcher.

  • If I open the drawing from the Dispatcher\Stage folder on the server - it opens fine
  • If I open the drawing on my PC using the our client file & swim.xml - it opens fine
  • If I open the drawing on my pc using the dispatcher and swim.xml - it opens fine

In the swimaux.log it has the following error:

ERROR (  728.356): Invalid models are fatal

ERROR (  728.357): Two or more models have the same Item but different Item Revisions. To complete the save the Item Revisions must be the same. This occurs for the following Items:




2000800618 - STAY:INLET:CHUTE


These 2 parts were a configuration at Revision 00, so the parts loaded were the default models.  At revision 01, they have both been made standalone parts.   Why does this fail for Dispatcher and how do I prevent Dispatcher from thinking this is a problem as this scenario will occur quite often.


SWIM 11.3, SW2016SP5, TC11.2.2

Cheers gurus!


Richard Bennett
PLM Consultant