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Download File with C# and SOA from Teamcenter



I hope I'm right here.


First, sorry for my bad english. I hope you can understand me.


I try to download the drawing (pdf) with SOA from TC Server.

I have only the Item ID. (000243).


The connection with SOA to the Server is successfully, but i don't know, how i can download a file.


I know i must use the FileManagementUtility class and the GetTransientFile() Method. But i need a Ticket, how can i get this from my Item ID? Can anyone help me? Or have a Documentation or helpfiles for C# and SOA?


Best regards


Black Rider







Re: Download File with C# and SOA from Teamcenter

Nobody can help me? Smiley Sad

Re: Download File with C# and SOA from Teamcenter

I have this for TC8.3 so maybee it's some help.


FileManagementUtility fMSFileManagement = new FileManagementUtility(connection);

GetDatasetWriteTicketsInputData[] inputs = new GetDatasetWriteTicketsInputData[1];

inputs[0] = getGetDatasetWriteTicketsInputData(itemRev, Type, FileName, Name, Tool, ReferenceName, DrwElid, Relation, DataType, Description, out dSetOut);

ServiceData response = fMSFileManagement.PutFiles(inputs);


Now we have TC10 something has changed when we try to initiate new instance of FileManagementUtility. It just stops here and I don't get any catch or info what is missing. So maybee someone can give a hint what to check for.