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Drawn By , Control By information on Template.

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Hi all ,

I need a help for special case. I have almost 4 different attributes and which should be triggered with the workflow and should be filled in drawing template. Actually i dont know how can i do this ? Could you help me please ? Let me to explain question more detailed.


As you can see above picture , I have 4 different attribute area which should be filled automatically.

First Line - Drawn should be filled according to who create a drawing file.

Second Line - Checked should be filled after someone approve that data from work flow.

Third Line - Norm should be filled after the someone approve the data on Norm Status from work flow.

Fourth Line - Approve should be filled after final approvel for the drawing data.

As a result , i want to fill these informations according to the workflow status , what kind of method should i follow to achive it ?


Best Regards



Re: Drawn By , Control By information on Template.

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

1. You need have configured mapping beetwen Teamcenter and you CAD

   (tc) onwer -> owner (cad)

   (tc) checked -> checked (cad)

   (tc) std - > std (cad)

   (tc) appr -> appr (cad)

    and so on, please, look on:


this is article also can be applied to other CAD which has integration with TC.


2. In your CAD should be drawing templates, there is placed attributes (which related with Teamcenter via mapping, look on the previous step) on drawing stamp.

3. When your drawing will go through via some workflow, its parent Item (where is it drawing is placed) will be got some values for properties (owner, checked, std, appr and so on), please to look on "EPM-set-property" handler

All the best, Alexey.