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Dynamic Participants By Owning Group?


We are trying to implement an approach where we use Dynamic Participants to assign reviewers for Part Release.  However, we need the list of "possible assignees" for each Part Revision to be limited based on the owning_group of the Part Revision.


For example, say we have a Teamcenter organization structure like this:



--> Engineering Group (group)

------> Part Approver Role (role)

---------> Ed Engineer (user)

--> Manufacturing Group (group)

------> Part Approver Role (role)

---------> Mary Manufacture (user)


If I am assigning the dynamic participant a Part revision, and the owning group of the Part revision is Engineering Group, I only want "Ed Engineer" to show up as the assignable user for the dynamic participant.


I know that Dynamic Participants can be restricted to a particular group/role, but that is fixed and isn't dynamic based on an object property.


We need this to work on Active Workspace and RAC, and to work in a way similar to the OOTB Dynamic Participant assignment user experience.  We're trying to avoid ITK customization if at all possible.


Any thought or ideas?



Re: Dynamic Participants By Owning Group?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Chris,


For the exact same reason we use the TC Project thats attached to the object.