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ECAD Component Classification Mapping


Hi All,


It's me again with EDA questions :)  I am having a hard time understanding how to map my ECAD Altium Library component attributes with Classification Attributes.


I understand Classification Mapping will map the Class ID and the ECAD Part Category.

Attribute mapping (export_attr_mappings cmd) is used to map the ECAD part attributes with Classification attributes?

ODBC mapping UI is used to map just footprints and symbols?


First, can someone confirm that my understanding of the 3 mapping types above is correct? 


Then I have some specific questions on the attribute mapping to classification attributes.  For example I may have "Impedance" on 2 different part types in my ECAD tool.  In classification, I have Ferrite Bead Impedence and Zener Diode Impedance attributes which are different IDs.  Would I put two entries in the attribute mapping, one for each classification attribute ID?  And then paired with the classification mapping, Teamcenter will figure out which class the ECAD part goes into, and then maps the appropriate attribute ID?