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Enable a second dispatcher service on second server




I have tried to find information in the help pages what is the best way to setup a second translation server. It's mentioned but no best practice is noted in the documentation.

This is what I done so far,

If I start TEM an want to select Dispatcher Client it requires Foundation to be installed. I'm not comfortable with this as it seems to write data into TCDATA when I tested it on my lab environment.


What I now try is to make a copy of the TSTK folder to the second station and changed some settings.

This works when I run the Module and DispatcherClient through console mode. When I now what it to use windows service instead I encounter some issues with starting the services.


What do you recommend for method? Can I install the Translation services from scratch using TEM?




Re: Enable a second dispatcher service on second server

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
Hi jormah,
I am about to do the same but for setting up a second module only for our site. I don't believe that it can be done through TEM. I found 3 pdf documents on setting up the dispatcher on the SiemensPLM web site. The main one I am using is the "Dispatcher Server Installation" document.

It talks about manually coping over to the new sever the install files. But that is as far as I have gone at the moment. I suggest you get the same documents and do some more study.


Re: Enable a second dispatcher service on second server




After some hours I got it started when I run it from Console after I changed some servernames.

I did do a copy as I didn't want to run the foundation.

To make it easier I decided to have exactly the same path on the new server as on the one I copied from.

I also made sure I have the Java JDK installed in the same version.


After I got the Module and DispacherClient to work from console I wanted to add the  as service.

I clicked on moduleWinService.bat and it was created as service.

The Module was no problem it started up direcly.

To get the correct name in the log when it connects to Scheduler I changed the ModuleID in located in [TSTKFolder]\Module\cache


The Dispacher was more problematic.

When I run runDispacherClientWinService.bat it created the service but it wouldn't take any tasks.

To solve this I added TC_DATA and TC_ROOT as system environment variables.(This is stated in Documentation but I missed it.)


I also needed to make a registry hack as service creation wouldn't create the string 'AppParameters' for some reason. Copied the same information that I had on the TSTK source service. (It was strange as this string was created for the Module)

Missing this lead to that the service couldn't load all jar files and it was complaing EventViewer that it couldn't find the jvm.dll file.

Location of the service key were the string AppParameters is:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Teamcenter DispatcherClient V10000.1.0.50_20151013.00\Parameters

As I in my case should generate JT on Catia files I needed to add two jar file paths to the string I copied (..\lib\Cat2DCPreview.jar;..\lib\Cat2DCTransJT.jar).


I have also made patching on the Teamcenter environment and to do this on a secondary TSTK I just replaced all lib files and regenerated the services. This seems to work as it now states 10.1.5 in the logs.


So a copy seems to work but it might be a little bit tricky to get all running if installation path is changed or if there are new translation services to be added for the new DispatcherClient.