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Error in deleting user in organisation model

Hi everybody,

I have a problem while I’m trying to delete an users from a role in my organization module.


I’ve put an user with a specific role inside a group, now I need to cancel because it is not his correct role.

This user have another role and its default group is another one.


When I try to delete I receive the following error message:

TC user deleting error.jpg


I received a tips from an experienced user that told me to delete before the user from any projects in which he is with the role I want to delete, but it doesn’t work.

One user was in a project, I delete it but I have the same error. The same with others users that aren’t in any project.


How can I solve this?


Thanks in advance to whom can help me!




Re: Error in deleting user in organisation model

in your case you don't actually need to delete the user, just you can remove the user from the group/role.


users can be added in multiple groups and roles and can be removed as well.


In case you really want to delete the user, first, you need transfer the ownership of all his part to some other active users.


Re: Error in deleting user in organisation model



Before attempting to remove the user from tc_project, I believe following was done? can you please confirm:

- Logged in user was privileged user for the said tc_project

- Logged in user's teamcenter session was set to 'Project Administration/ Project Administrator'



Re: Error in deleting user in organisation model

Thanks Ganesh for your support.


You are right,in fact I don't want to delete the user, but remove from the role/group.

I should also keep it and just make it "inactive" in that group. But I would keep the "organisation" as clear as possible, so I would remove user that doesn't belong to the appropriate role/group.


The problem I found is that I can't remove that user because it seem to be part of a project "TC_project" that doesn't exist!


So my question is, where I can find that project?! 

Thanks a lot for any suggestion you can give me





Re: Error in deleting user in organisation model

In project module of Teamcenter, you can find the project and you can remove the users as well if you have administrative privileges




Re: Error in deleting user in organisation model

Hi Harish and thanks for your reply...

The problem is that I can't find that project! It seem doesn't exist.


I try to explain better: I added an user into a role/group just to make a test in a wf. When I went to remove it, I received the error I posted (that is the user is in the TC_project etc.).

I search for that project but iI didn't find it.

So I'm not able to remove that user from the group...


Thanks in advance for any suggestion you can give me




Re: Error in deleting user in organisation model

Before deleting the Project, did you make sure that all data was disassociated from that specific project. Try searching any objects which might be still referring to that Project. Also try searching for that Project with the help of 'Projects...' query. Search for that user as well in below query and see if you can get some clues further.





Re: Error in deleting user in organisation model

Hello Fabio,


My suggestion would be: 

[1] Identify the tc_project as @naveengm described using group or user

[2] Execute this utility in dryrun mode and see if the utility reports any tc_projects:

proj_team_cleanup -u=<UserId> -p=<Password> -g=<Group> -f=dryrun -pid= <project ID>

[3] You could then think of executing the same utility in 'repair' mode if a tc_project is reported in step 2

[4] If step 3 is successful, then try removing the user from TC organization group


Let us know how it goes.



Re: Error in deleting user in organisation model

Perhaps a whole group is in a project (and implicitly then also your individual user the second you created him). The only way to remove this user would be to first remove the whole group from the project, save the project, remove the user from organization (if nothing else is now referencing), and add the group back to the project.


The problem with projects is that it's easy to create them, and thus make admins job difficult. Almost anyone can create a project, but unless you specifically add the admins as members, they will not even see it inside the Projects application.