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Excel Live add-on function for Teamcenter

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi, I have one questions.

After installing Teamcenter through OTW, we found the following add-in function in Excel.

- Teamcenter excel Add-in 

- Teamcebter Office Live for Office 2010


When I open the excel file from local machine, I got one warning message. When I check the add-in in excel, I found two add-in above. I guess "Teamcebter Office Live for Office 2010" is used for Excel live. When I disable the add-in "Teamcenter excel Add-in", this error was solved. But When I enable "Teamcenter excel Add-in", the error continuously occured.


So my question is : what is "Teamcenter excel add-in " in Excel?  And what is the puropose of this add-on?

The error messages said that  :  "Warning : Could not open Teamcenter file. The details is the exception from exception 'HRESULT' ". Please refer to "0x800A03EC".


I just would like to know the impact on the system when I disable the add-in "Teamcenter excel Add-in".